This wizard will guide you through the initial setup and base configuration of your IG CloudOps account.

The wizard is made up of two parts, the first part will create your new IG CloudOps account, while the second part allows you to configure IG CloudOps to connect to AWS Accounts and/or Azure Subscriptions so that you can start getting the most out of IG CloudOps as soon as possible.

Note: Although recommended, you do not have to configure IG CloudOps to connect to your cloud accounts as part of this process, cloud accounts can be added through the main IG CloudOps portal at a later date.

What will I need to continue?

The following information will be requested during the SignUp process:

  • Account Setup
    • Name of your Organisation
    • Your Name (We will use this to provision your account login)
    • Your Email (We will use this to email you your initial login password)
  • Cloud Accounts (Optional)
    • Connecting AWS Account(s)
      • Your AWS user will need the ability to deploy CloudFormation Templates & Create IAM Roles
      • The account number for your AWS Account(s)
    • Connecting Azure Subscription(s)
      • Your Azure user will need the ability to deploy ARM Templates & link Suppliers to your Azure Subscription
      • Subscription ID
      • Tenant ID (also known as the Azure Active Directory ID) which is linked to the Subscription

If you need any assistance while completing this wizard, please call us on: 0151 332 3839